GoJet Crew Scheduler is Making a Name for Himself in the Music Industry

Dylan Smith
GoJet Crew Scheduler Dylan Smith

Everyone dreams of making it in show business.  But GoJet Crew Scheduler Dylan Smith is well on his way to doing just that.

A musician since the age of 8, Dylan started out playing drums, and later learned to play bass and keyboards.  Like young many musicians, he dreamed of playing in a rock band.  “I guess that’s every musician’s dream at some point,” he admits, “but I did play in a progressive rock band for a time, so I can say that I achieved that goal!”

Dylan eventually left the band when be became bored with writing short, individual songs.  “I wanted to write these long, narrative story arcs through music, but it just didn’t work for my band at the time,” he recalls.  This desire to tell longer stories through music eventually led Dylan to begin composing film scores, where he could write music to enhance the narrative taking place on the screen.

Dylan’s ultimate career goal is to compose music for television and film full-time.  Recently, Dylan collaborated with Los Angeles-based writer and director Braden Barton on his film Unconditional.  Barton recruited Dylan, as well as Dylan’s friend and fellow composer Alex Whalen, to help complete the film score for a film he was working on, a drama called Unconditional.  “We were asked to write thematic material and apply it to an orchestral ensemble,” Dylan explained.  “Our contributions were added to the original compositions, and we were all very happy with the resulting score.”  Preliminary screenings of Unconditional have generated positive feedback, and the film has received favorable reviews in the Los Angeles press.

Dylan is currently working on other film projects, while also composing music for Telepictures Productions, a television subsidiary of Warner Bros.  So far, Telepictures Productions has featured Dylan’s work during episodes of Crime Watch and Teen Titans Go!.  Dylan is currently exploring the possibility of working on an upcoming Scooby Doo project.

Crew Scheduler’s Photography Catches the Attention of National Geographic

Nick Huber NatGeo
“Pray for the Bees” was taken by GoJet’s own Nicholas Huber, and was featured on National Geographic’s website.

When he’s not on the job, GoJet Crew Scheduler Nicholas Huber is perfecting his photography skills.  “I picked it up as a hobby about a year and a half ago,” he explains. “I’m saving money to upgrade my equipment, but I got a digital camera and a couple of lenses to start with.”  Although he’s a relative newbie to the photography world, Nick’s work has already made waves among fellow enthusiasts, and has even been shared on National Geographic’s website.

So far on his photography journey, Nick has most enjoyed capturing nature photos, and it was a nature shot of a friend’s beehive that caught the attention of National Geographic. After showing the image to friends and receiving positive feedback, he decided to submit it to National Geographic’s YourShot program, which gives amateur and professional photographers alike the opportunity to share their photographs with National Geographic editors.  The best images are chosen to appear on National Geographic’s website and in National Geographic magazine.  To Nick’s astonishment, his photo was selected as one of National Geographic’s “Daily Dozen,” a daily showcase of the editors’ 12 favorite YourShot submissions.

“When they reached out to me and told me that my photo was selected, I was pretty amazed,” Nick recalled.  “It was the first time I’d ever submitted any of my work into a contest of any kind!”

Regarding Nick’s photo, National Geographic editor Matt Williams commented,

“Such an interesting frame, and I love the idea of you photographing this scene from the back. A great and creative idea when it comes to photographing a beekeeper and a bee hive. The light is excellent and I love how it reflects off of the beekeeper headgear and the honeycombs.”

In the future, Nick plans to put his employee travel benefits to good use so that he can photograph more unique and interesting places.  “I’m planning backpacking trips with friends to help familiarize me with more nature shots,” he remarked, “and I really want to photograph up and down the Washington and Oregon coastlines.”