Zach Rogers’ Wingman Experience

Lynn University senior Zach Rogers currently interns in GoJet’s Wingman Program.

GoJet’s Wingman Program provides hands-on experience for student pilots to intern with our Flight Ops department and gain mentorship from experienced pilots as they complete their ATP minimums. Once ATP minimums are complete, promising aviators are given the opportunity to join our First Officer training footprint. Many participants credit the program for enhancing their aviator skillsets and knowledge base. Read our Q&A below to learn more about Zach Roger’s experience in our Wingman Program.

What university and/or flight school do you attend?

I’m a senior at Lynn University obtaining my Bachelor of Science degree in Professional Piloting and I’m a Certified Flight Instructor at Platinum Aviation in West Palm Beach, FL.

What influenced you to join GoJet’s Wingman Program?

I saw GoJet recruiters come and speak at my university a few times. Out of all the other regional airlines that came through the doors, GoJet was always the one that stuck out to me. The recruiters were friendly, and they had a lot of positions and programs to offer. I thought Gojet would be a great fit to help me enter the 121 world and gain more knowledge about the airline. My former flight instructor Nate Sarkisian, who is a current GoJet First Officer had nothing but good things to say, which also played a role in my choice.

How has your experience been so far in the program?

So far, my experience has been wonderful! I’ve had an eye-opening experience visiting the St Louis headquarters and receiving a taste of the 121 world. I plan to continue to be as involved as possible with the Wingman Program.

What do you enjoy most about the Wingman Program?

I like all the opportunities the Wingman Program offers to attend large aviation events around the country. It’s a pleasure to be involved with GoJet and reap the many benefits from being a Wingman Intern.

Do you believe other student pilots should join the program? If so, why?

Yes! GoJet is simply a trustworthy company. Recruiters aren’t afraid to share the pros and cons when it comes to what they have to offer and your career. GoJet is constantly growing and student pilots have the opportunity to be included in the exponential growth through the Wingman Program.

What advice would you give students interested in the program?

My advice to students interested in the Wingman Program would be to become fully committed to it. Be present and soak up all the knowledge offered in. Enjoy your experience as much as possible, because it’s unforgettable.

What are some goals you wish to achieve during and post Wingman Program?

I would like to stay involved with GoJet as much as possible while I build my flight time as an instructor. After completing the program, I hope to join on as a mentor to help upcoming pilots and give as much knowledge and guidance that I can.

What do you love the most about GoJet?

I love how team oriented GoJet is. While GoJet is a smaller company, it continues to experience steady growth. I love that they offer fast Captain upgrade times, have a variety of pathway programs, and are truly vested in each pilot’s career. They coordinate with you to ensure that you have the best quality of life possible, and truly care about your well-being.

Learn more about the Wingman Program’s benefits and how you can join here:

One thought on “Zach Rogers’ Wingman Experience

  1. Zach, you didn’t miss a beat highlighting your views of the Wingman Program and GoJet, we’re excited to watch you reach your goals! It was a pleasure meeting you at Lynn University and we’re looking forward to going back soon! Tammy


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