More than a Pink Scarf: Why Breast Cancer Awareness Matters to One GoJet Flight Attendant

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, you’ll undoubtedly see shades of pink to show respect to the courageous individuals currently fighting or who have faced the disease. For GoJet flight attendant Jennifer Laws, her scarf is proudly worn in honor of her mother. Read more to learn how Jennifer’s mother encouraged her to chase after her dreams, and how her strength continues to inspire her today.

GoJet Flight Attendant Jennifer Laws wears a pink scarf every October to honor the legacy and life of her late mother’s battle with breast cancer.

“It was almost five years ago when I began my career as a flight attendant. I was more than elated when my mother dropped me off at the airport for my training class,” Jennifer said. “On that day, my mother wasn’t a victim of her illness. She was more concerned with seeing me happy on my journey than feeling sorry for herself.”

As Jennifer became more accustomed to the flight attendant lifestyle, she always made it  her duty to visit her mother any chance she had the opportunity. Her mother was always so proud of her and her success.

“When my mother was bed-ridden I stopped by her house on my way to the airport. I would visit her again immediately when I returned home from a trip,” Jennifer said. “Each time I saw her she hugged me, had a big smile on her face, and said “There’s my flyer girl!”

Untitled design (5)
Jennifer was all smiles during a recent flight.

After struggling with breast cancer for several years, Jennifer’s mother lost her battle with the disease. She left her daughter with a lifetime of memories and tremendous support.

To honor the life and legacy of her late mother, Jennifer wears a pink scarf on flights every October. Whenever her passengers see her scarf it’s always a great conversation piece.

“My mother meant a lot to me and I always try to keep a piece of her with me while flying,” Jennifer said.

In the past, Jennifer was chosen as a winner for GoJet’s Inflight category of Above and Beyond, an employee recognition program that honors individuals who perform above what is required. Most recently, she was chosen as a winner for United Airlines’ UAXcellence Award. She knows that her mother would have been overjoyed with her professionalism and accolades.

“I think that my mother would be extremely happy to hear of my accomplishments,” Jennifer said. “Every achievement I met was always good news for her to hear.”

As Breast Cancer Awareness month comes to a close, we are encouraged by GoJet employees who continue to show solidarity and work together in the fight against cancer.


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