Customer Service Spotlight: Flight Attendant Keisha Mathes

We love hearing from passengers who are impressed by our crews!  Thanks to Timothy S., who took the time to tell us about the extraordinary service he saw GoJet Flight Attendant Keisha Mathes provide on a recent flight:

I had the pleasure of flying on a GoJet aircraft on November 20, 2015, where Ms. Keisha Mathes provided superior flight attendant services.

The weather across the north-central US on that day was such that many airports were behind schedule.  On our passenger manifest were 12 soldiers en route to Nevada following training. The plane was about half-full after seating, so the passenger load had to balanced.  The crew did a great job of patiently and courteously moving many of the soldiers into seats that better balanced the load.  This meant that some troops got moved into first class seats–the first time flying ‘up front’ for some of these very young combat engineers.

Ms Mathes was extraordinarily courteous and helpful with these troops on UAL3664.  She explained the service menu options for drinks, and I opine those soldiers felt like kings.  Ms Mathes’ courtesy and professionalism was truly appreciated; they were very gracious in return for her respectful service attitude.  Following drinks, she offered the usual array of snacks but in the traditional presentation tray reserved for first class passengers.  The troops appeared almost unwilling to accept any snacks, for fear of being a burden.  But they did so, respectfully. And Ms Mathes courteously returned to ask them whether she could refresh their drinks, after noticing some empty glasses.

Following a long week of training, and then waiting for the delayed departure of their flight, these young engineer soldiers welcomed the comforts provided by Ms. Mathes and the other crew members.

Ms Mathes is a tremendous asset for GoJet; She represents the brand and the United alliance of airlines extremely well. My congratulations to her, and to her trainers.  Her professional actions and courteous words brought high credit to the GoJet/United family during a harrowing day at the beginning of an already busy family holiday/vacation week in our great nation.

Most respectfully,

Timothy S.

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