Flight crew visits Mt. Rushmore on layover

from Michael Troxell

One of the best things about working at an airline is getting to visit a ton of cool places. We love hearing about crews who use layovers as an opportunity to hang out with co-workers and do some sight-seeing.  Thanks to Michael Troxell for sharing this awesome picture taken at Mt. Rushmore!  Here’s a little background he provided as to what went into getting this shot:

Recently, my crew and I worked a DEN-RAP flight.  We were originally scheduled to be in a little after 9:00 pm and had a rental car reserved to go see Mt. Rushmore.  Unfortunately, we were running late.  Luckily, the park was open until 11:30 pm, and with the car already rented and ready to go, we weren’t going to miss our opportunity to see the historical monument!  We hopped into the car, uniforms and all, and went directly from the airport to the park.  We arrived at the park a little after 10:30 pm and found that we were the only ones there.  With a little help from a trash can and a timer, we were able to prop up a camera and get this shot of our crew with the famous faces!

Teamwork and camaraderie, even after hours!  We have the best employees out there!

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