Get to know a co-worker: Meet Wes Perkins

Wes Perkins

A lifelong fascination with planes is what started Wes Perkins down the path that ultimately led to GoJet Airlines.   When he realized that his love of planes could translate into a career path, Wes made the decision to study aviation in college, graduating from the University of Central Missouri with a degree in Aviation Maintenance Management in 2005.  After college, Wes joined the Maintenance team at Trans States Airlines, where he spent nearly a decade working in Production Area Control, as well as assisting with heavy checks and lease returns.

Wes was hired by the GoJet in February of 2014 as a Fleet Support Coordinator, a position he held for just over a year.  He was recently promoted to Senior Manager, Maintenance Control and Line Operations, a newly created position where he is responsible for the overall quality, efficiency and safety of Maintenance Control and Maintenance Line Stations, as well as for their adherence to regulatory and company policy.  Wes says that the most enjoyable part of his new position is visiting the stations and learning from employees first-hand what they need to be efficient.

Wes lives in Winfield, Missouri with his wife, a fourth grade teacher, and their two children.  When he’s not working, Wes enjoys hunting and fishing, as well as using his non-rev privileges to visit family in Washington State.

Three little known facts about Wes:

  1. He has a private pilot’s license (though he doesn’t get a chance to use it very often).
  2. He used to work on a cattle ranch, riding with the ranch hands and taking care of a large cattle operation.
  3. Wes is an avid trap shooter and enjoys participating in trap shooting competitions.

Do you know of a co-worker that you’d like to see profiled on the blog?  Email with your suggestions!

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