Congratulations to Heather Brown, the GoJet Airlines Employee of the Year!

Heather Brown_emp of year

After reviewing the nominations of each employee who won an Above & Beyond award in 2014, the leadership team has selected Heather Brown in the GoJet SOC as the 2014 Employee of the Year.

Heather was the third quarter Above & Beyond winner in the SOC category. Heather’s co-workers told us how she frequently comes in on her days off when the SOC is short or when the operation is in need. One of Heather’s colleagues told us about a time when she returned from training in MSP to assist the SOC after the Chicago tower fire, even though she was not required to do so.

“Heather has been a valuable asset to the Scheduling Department, the SOC and GoJet Airlines, said Adam Timperley,” Manager of Crew Scheduling.  “She has been instrumental in the testing and implementation project for converting GoJet’s scheduling software from Sabre to Lufthansa, and is always willing to help the other departments in the SOC.  Heather has also taken some of her off time to plan and execute team building exercises for the SOC, including bringing in food for the staff on holidays.”

We are proud that Heather is a member of our team and of the exemplary way that she represents GoJet. As a token of our appreciation for her above and beyond service in 2014, Heather will receive a $500 Visa gift card.

Thank you Heather, and all of the 2014 Above and Beyond nominees and winners. Your hard work and dedication are what make this company great!


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