Fourth Quarter 2015 Above & Beyond Winners


Congratulations to our Fourth Quarter 2015 Above & Beyond winners!

Flight Ops: Kevin Weaver
Kevin was nominated by a fellow GoJet pilot, who told us how Kevin went above and beyond to help out on the flight deck while sitting in the jumpseat during his commute home. Due to a number of issues, this particular flight was delayed due to crew availability. Kevin, who was allowed access to the aircraft by the gate agent, printed the flight release and loaded the flight details into the aircraft navigation system, allowing another pilot to communicate with the passengers at the gate. The flight ultimately took a 40 minute delay, and would have been additionally delayed had Kevin not stepped up to help out on his day off.

Later in the flight, Kevin again took the initiative to assist the flight crew when they encountered a jammed slats issue. Without being asked, Keven opened the proper emergency checklist and read it aloud as the crew prepared for landing.

Inflight: Tamyra Blackmon
We received an e-mail from a customer who told us that he left his iPad on the aircraft after a flight to JFK and that Tanya went to extraordinary lengths to return it to him. After an airport page to the customer went unanswered, she left him a voicemail and sent him a text advising him that she had his property. She then turned the iPad over to a Delta supervisor and provided the customer with the supervisor’s name, employee number and contact info. Our customer was then able to pick up the iPad from the Delta supervisor without incident. This passenger was very impressed with Tamyra’s diligence and commitment to providing exceptional service.

Maintenance: Bradley Sliger
Bradley was nominated by a maintenance co-worker who told us how he strives for perfection in every maintenance action he performs. Additionally, Brad is quick to volunteer to take on new tasks and to assist with the training of new mechanics. His constant smile and upbeat attitude makes working with him enjoyable.

SOC: Benjamin Dunbar
Benjamin received multiple nominations from co-workers who said that he always goes out of his way to help others and to ensure that tasks are completed correctly.

Corporate/Station Employee: Chris May
Chris was nominated by a GoJet manager who told us how Chris worked for several months on new Computer Based Training for pilots regarding the proper use of the ship’s logbook. Thanks to Chris’ excellent work, the FAA told Flight Operations that the project had been “very nicely done.” That type of comment from the FAA after just one look is rare, and thanks to Chris, this important project was completed to the FAA’s satisfaction.

Team/Flight Crew: Anastasia Sotiropoulos, Jaclyn Hughes and Zoey Panos
We received an e-mail from a customer who told us about the great Inflight service he received from Anastasia, Jaclyn and Zoey. This customer was impressed by their smiles, courtesy and by the number of times they stopped by his seat to check him. He was also especially impressed by a handwritten note he received from the three of them thanking him for flying with us. This is a great example of how a small gesture can go a long way to impress our customers.

Each winner will receive a $50 Visa gift card and will be entered in the Employee of the Year contest. The Employee of the Year will receive a $500 Visa gift card!

Don’t forget that nominations for the 2015 1st Quarter Above & Beyond contest will be accepted until May 30th. You can submit your nominations online via the link on The GoJet Journal or via the link on the employee website. Please take the time to let us know whenever you see one of your co-workers providing above and beyond service to our passengers or to their co-workers.

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