GoJet debuts new SOC

GJSOC If you’ve been to the headquarters building in St. Louis recently, a large area on the third floor may have caught your attention. Dark, lit only by blue lighting, and looking like something straight from science fiction, the new GoJet SOC (Systems Operation Control) is causing everyone who walks by to do a double take the first time they see it. The new GoJet SOC opened its doors on January 13 after having to vacate its previous location due to the flood at the headquarters building last August. The SOC’s spacious new digs now house several departments, including Maintenance Control, Dispatch, Scheduling, and support staff. IOE Coordinator Lisa Damm is a big fan of the new layout. “I like how the new layout distinguishes the various departments within the SOC, without the departments being isolated from one another,” says Lisa.  “When you walk in, you know what department is where, but we’re all together as a family.” Features include a conference room and break room, as well as six TV screens that show flight tracking, maintenance delays, weather updates, and rolling performance statistics. Additionally, one of the screens will soon be used to as a scheduling board, allowing the scheduling team to see reserve availability at a glance. The question that everyone asks when they see the new SOC for the first time is, “What’s up with the blue lights?” Most SOC employees work from at least two computer screens, and studies have shown that blue lights increase productivity and eliminate eye strain from computer screens. Consequently, blue-lit SOCs are becoming more common at airlines. Most notably, Southwest recently completed a $30 million renovation of its NOC (Network Operation Center), complete with blue lighting. Don’t just stop and stare when you see the newly redesigned SOC for the first time—step inside for a tour! The team would love to show you around.

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