Flight Attendant Stephanie Rebro Goes Above & Beyond


A big thanks to Flight Attendant Stephanie Rebro for providing outstanding service to our passengers!

This evening, I had the pleasure of taking a flight from DEN to ABW (flight number 8627).   I must admit that my flight experience was enhanced by the upgrade to First Class (thank you for that!).   But more importantly it was enhanced due to outstanding  service and an absolute attention to customer service by Ms. Stephanie Rebro.   During the flight, a pressure balancing valve started making an unusual noise, and Stephanie assured all of the passengers.    In addition, she was friendly, approachable, and mature.    She was completely devoted to making sure that her passengers had enjoyable experience with United Airlines.

I run a business unit that does over $1 billion in gross revenue in engineering and construction.   I can assure you that Stephanie is immensely employable, and I would only ask that you recognize and reward her attitude and loyalty to your company and the passengers on United Airlines.

You should also note that Stephanie’s first flight attendant, Mary K worked very hard during the short flight, with an amazing friendly attitude toward service during our short flight from DIA to ABQ.

Stephanie will be entered in the 1st quarter Above & Beyond contest and is in the running to win a $50 Visa gift card. Way to go, Stephanie!

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