Flight Attendant Tamyra Blackmon Goes Above & Beyond

great job thought bubbleWe received this nice note from a passenger regarding the extraordinary lengths that Flight Attendant Tamyra Blackmon went to in order to return the customer’s lost iPad. Here’s what he had to say:

I wanted to share a recent experience with one of your flight attendants, Tamyra Blackmon.  On Nov 5, on a flight from Raleigh, NC to NY, I left my iPad behind on the plane.     I didn’t realize this until I got home and promptly filed a missing items report to Delta, hoping that someone honest, like Tamyra, would find it and turn it in.  What I would not expect, however, was the extraordinary efforts that Tamyra took to assure that my property was safely returned to me.

Later that night, I received a voicemail and text directly from her confirming that she had located my property.  To assure that it was not compromised in the JFK lost and found department, she kept my iPad with her and offered to meet me to make sure I got it.  I also learned that she had tried to page me in the airport, hoping that I was connecting on another flight and was still in the airport.  At my request, she returned it to a Delta supervisor the following day and, to make sure that there was no confusion, provided me with the supervisors name, employee number and contact information.  I was able to pick it up without incident.

I’m really astonished at her diligence to make sure that one of your customers was provided such exceptional service.  I am a loyal Delta flyer and a Platinum Medallion member.  I can not possibly express the gratitude that should be accorded to her with mere words.  You have a very special person working for you.

Thanks so much.  Hope you enjoy your holidays.

Your loyal and grateful customer,


Tamyra, thanks for providing this passenger with such outstanding service!  Tamyra will be entered in the fourth quarter Above & Beyond contest and is in the running to win a $50 Visa gift card.  Fourth quarter nominations for Above & Beyond recognition will be accepted until December 31.  Nominations may be submitted online via the link on the main page of the employee website or via the link here on the blog.

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