GoJet Flight Attendant Wings are a Vintage Throwback

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If you’ve ever taken a close look at the wings GoJet flight attendants wear, you no doubt noticed that they are quite different than the wings worn by flight attendants at other carriers.  GoJet flight attendants wear a half wing pin, while flight attendants at other airlines wear full wings.  We are often asked to explain the background of our flight attendant uniform wings, as they are unlike any others seen today.  In-flight Director Michaela Green explains:

Originally we wore United wings, as they were our only partner.  However, there came a time when we wanted a GoJet wing that was unique to us.  I started doing research, and in looking through hundreds of examples,  came across the original flight attendant wing, which was a half wing. Pilots had the full wing.  I felt like a half wing would honor the spirit and history of the flight attendant, and liked the idea of the retro/vintage wing.  I worked with our wing manufacturer, and our GoJet wing was created.  I’ve heard comments to the effect of, “What, you’re not good enough for a full wing?,” but I feel that our wing sets apart our unique, strong flight attendant group in a positive way.   Our wing honors both history, as well as the unique spirit of today’s GoJet flight attendants.

We are proud to be different!

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