Flight Attendants Eli Burch & Kristina Allen Go Above & Beyond

great job thought bubble

We received this Above & Beyond submission for flight attendants Eli Burch and Kristina Allen.  Here’s what Captain Brent Furrow had to say about their performance on a recent flight:

Today I dead-headed in first class on GoJet flight 6239 DTW-STL. I observed that when each first class passenger was handed their drink, the flight attendants accompanied it with a hand-written, personalized note that said “Thank you for flying with us, Mr./Mrs. –, signed Eli & Kristine.”

In all of my years of non-rev’ing, dead-heading, and jump seating I have never seen this done before. What a simple idea! And what a subtle touch of class.

I’ve got a masters degree in tourism management, and this simple personalized touch that a couple of our flight attendants came up with really impressed me. Service like this is why I believe our regional airline is the best there is.

Please share my sentiments with their flight managers on a job well done.

Eli & Kristina have been entered in the Team/Flight Crew category of the third quarter Above & Beyond contest and are in the running to each win a $50 Visa gift card!


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